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Angel Long’s Animal Instincts


Angel Long’s Animal Instincts

Dirty perv Angel sets up a club night to see how pornstars behave on a night out. Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe start snogging as soon as they walk through the door and soon Pascal is in the mix getting a hand job on the dance floor. It escalates into full-on double dip fucking while Angel gets her camera out and films while getting licked out.
Angel is filming a fitness video on her farm when she stumbles across a horny couple making out in the haybarn. She takes control by telling them how to suck and fuck and then demands the girl tastes her cunt. The scene culminates with a messy cum shot and Angel ends it all by ordering them off her property so she can continue her work out vid.
Angel is feeling horny and the only way she can cum is by watching another couple fuck. She picks up her phone and logs on to find Kiki and Luke. Kiki rides Luke’s cock then spreads her beautiful black arse and takes him deep inside her butt hole for a anal extravaganza. He unloads buckets of cum over her bum while Angel fingers her pussy and arse till she is also satistied.
Ava surprises her man down the milking parlour. As she sucks and fucks, Angel gets so hot she cant stop herself getting involved and has Ava lick her hairy pussy. Ava and her man end up on the floor fucking intill he spunks all over her hot pink pussy.
Victoria and Seth get it on in a changing room. She whips out his cock and sucks hard, gagging on it for all to hear. Angel Long stumbles across their sex antics and takes control, demanding Seth pound Victoria’s cunt extra hard on the floor of the shop.

Release Year: 2017
Studio: Television X