Girls And Their Boys 43


Girls And Their Boys 43
Scene 1: Closing her eyes as she breathes deeply, Simona moans as her boyfriend squeezes her pert breasts firmly before sliding his hand inside her panties. Pulling down her tight shorts and panties, Simona stands up and pushes her bum against his face, having her ass licked devotedly. Turning around, Simona kneels before him, and grabbing his penis she licks it from bottom to top, moving her tongue around playfully. Grabbing his erect penis, Simona guides him inside her wet pussy, continuing to have sex in numerous positions before finishing him with a passionate blowjob. .

Scene 2: Quietly getting out of bed while her boyfriend sl–ps, Chelsea moves to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. After this morning routine, she slowly begins to caress her body. Being turned on by her own hands she goes back to bed as wakes him up by grabbing him by the dick and softly kissing him. Passionately undressing each other, Chelsea lays on all fours as she gets licked from behind. Grabbing her toy box, she takes out an anal plug and handles it to Roland for him to insert in her tight anus. Turning around, Chelsea sits on top of Roland, riding his hard penis before turning around again to be penetrated from behind until they both reach an intense orgasm

Release Year: 2019
Studio: abbywinters
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Added on: March 31, 2020