Pornstars Punishment 2


“Time For Punishment!
“Double The Punishment – Eva is seeing two guys at once. When James and Jordan find out, they don’t get mad, they get even. Punishing that bitch is the only solution. Christmas Punishment – Jenna is cleaning Scott’s house for a Christmas party. She mistakenly leaves the door open and the house gets robbed. Scott is furious and takes it out on Jenna.
The Slutmother – James works for a real bitch of a boss. She is always yelling at him in front of his co-workers. She finally goes too far and he must punish her.
Who’s Laughing Now Bitch – Scott is preparing his comedy routine when Rachel comes in and starts trashing his act? He panics and can’t go on stage. Rachel takes his place and steals his act. He takes his revenge on her pussy.
Tight Little Asshole Diaries – Mason is always being warned to dress less slutty at work. When her company loses a big client because of the way she is dressed, her boss makes her pay.”

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Brazzers
Genres: Fetish, Straight