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Sex Kittens 59


Bunni & Kandi are two young and curvy hotties. They two girls cuddle on the couch, and things start to get hot. A first they just make out for a bit, but then the clothes star coming off. Bunny licks Kandi’s small boobs, and kisses her way down to the brunette’s shaved pussy. Once there, Bunni plants her face in Kandi’s wet cunt, and licks it out good. Kandi rips off Bunni’s panties and returns the favor until both girls are singing with lesbian pleasure.
Daisy & Lily – Daisy is a shaggy-haired brunette talking to redhead Lily. These girls are hot for each other, and they start going at it right away! Daisy gets stripped, and Lily beings to eat out her lady lover. She then finds a big purple toy to stuff up her wet slit. Lily then sits down on Daisy’s pretty face, and soon both girls are squirming on the couch in a deliriously orgasmic sixty-nine!
Bella & Kacey – Sweet and petite blond Kacey brings home a new toy – a double fucking dildo! Her brunette roommate, Bella, is intrigued! The toy gets these babes horny, and soon their clothes are littering the floor. The ladies put the double-headed fuck toy to a vigorous test, fucking themselves into ecstasy. After a few screaming orgasms, the foxy babes cool themselves off with a nice shower.

Pornstars: kittens
Release Year: 2012
Studio: Homegrown Video