Special Gratification / Trucker’s Revenge


Special Gratification / Trucker’s Revenge. Once again, Mallory finds herself before the court on charges of prostitution. This time, her clientele includes one prominent judge. To avoid a scandal, the Lady Magistrate offers an out of court settlement to which Mallory readily agrees. She soon regrets her decision when she finds herself bent over the Magistrate’s desk with her knickers down. Her bare bottom must endure the punishing kiss of the leather paddle and the riding crop. The female officer who brought her in is less fortunate. For irregularities in her reports, she must endure even harsher and more humiliating punishment.. Stealing a trucker’s wallet was Dianne’s first mistake. Her second was agreeing to a spanking instead of arrest. The trucker has heavy hands. And when he’s finished, Dianne’s lovely white bottom will be a throbbing deep red..

Release Year: 1993
Duration: 1 hrs. 3 mins.
Release Date: Nov 20, 2009