Trisha PVC Playtime


Trisha PVC PlaytimeI’m all dressed up in my PVC and I have something special to show you, my new PVC pants with a built in vibrator! First let me get to work on my nipples and make them hard with my nipple suckers then I lay back and slap my pussy with my paddle before slapping my arse. I remove my nipple suckers and look how hard my nipples are, I get my black lipstick and paint my nipples black so they blend in with my PVC top then I attach pegs to them to keep them nice and hard before taking off my vibrator pants and licking all my juices off the vibrators shaft. Then finger fuck my juicy pussy before reaching for my smooth glass dildo which I slide easily deep into my juicy cunt. I pound away relentlessly pausing only to remove the pegs from my nipples and I soon bring myself to a fantastic climax. Next I reach for another glass dildo and slide it deep into my arse hole which feels really good and I slide it in and out fucking my tight little arse hole deep and hard. Then I lay back, get my other glass dildo, and fuck my pussy with it, the other one still in my arse, and I fuck both holes with them until I reach orgasm then suck all the juices from both of them.

Pornstars:   Auntie Trisha
Release Year: 2023
Duration: 26 mins.
Release Date: Jul 11, 2023